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QUESTION: Is tithe a New Testament doctrine?

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Tithe is more than a law. It is more than dispensational theology. It is more than doctrine. Did the tithe originate with Moses? No, Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils of his victory to Melchisedek, and Jacob promised God a tenth for His blessings, and these men lived 300-400 years before Moses and the Law.

…the truth is that tithing predates the law by nearly 600 years. In Genesis 14:20, Abraham gave the priest Melchizedek a tenth of all his goods after a daring rescue of his nephew Lot.

Let’s drill down into the Bible depths to get to tithing truths. First, a tithe is merely one-tenth. That’s it. Through Moses, God established tithing in Torah, amongst other reasons -to support the Levites; whom He did not give a specific allotment in the Promised land. He chose the Levites to minister to the children of Israel spiritually and, the children of Israel to minister physically back to them in tithes. From the Levites, He chose Aaron’s sons to be priests in the Tent of Meeting. All tribes of Israel, except Levi, were required to present three tithes; two yearly tithes of 10% each of agricultural produce and livestock, and a third tithe of 10% every three years of agricultural produce only.


1. Before The Law, Tithing Was Practiced
Th examples of pre-law tithing

Abraham tithed of the spoils of war [Hebrews 7:2, Genesis 14:20].

There’s never been anywhere in the Bible that God commanded Abraham to give tithe. Where did the concept of Abraham tithing to Melchizedek come from? =This spurred from “deep calling unto deep”…. A spiritual reception and execution of a heavenly agenda(as with the widow of Zarephath) seen in Christ coming in the form of Melchizedek to pioneer “the Christ Priesthood”-(of which every New Testament Priest or Minister hails) receiving of tithes, as well as instituting it in the Law of Moses years later.
It was an act of “the Father of Faith” of us all -Abraham :on whom the covenant of blessing was released for the very act of tithe. We, as son-inheritors of that blessing in turn activate it as he did -by tithe!!

This is a validation of tithing transcending theological, dispensational, and biblical interpretation that Abraham tithed to Melchizedek; a type of Christ, an everlasting priesthood. The tithing of Abraham to Christ overrides every modern day arguments of tithe. Yes, Abraham tithed to Jesus. Yes, tithe is of Christ’ doctring.

In the era of Moses, God enforced tithe a law. But in this season of grace, it’s a choice.

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