My Mandate

The 3Johns

John the Baptist

John the Beloved

And John the son

The first John was the forerunner of Jesus; SENT with the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way for the earthly and ‘BODILY’ ministry of Jesus.

The second John was preserved and SENT to receive the Revelation of the ‘RESURRECTED’ Christ. He was commissioned to record the sequence of events of things to come; culminating in the return of Christ.

The third John is an unfolding ‘NOW’ happening. He is SENT and commissioned to enact the revealing of the ‘GLORIFIED’ Christ who is seated on the throne of dominion -via the manifestation of the Sons.

You reading, are a witness to the current and final move of God, just as the people of those times beheld the ministry of John the Baptist and John the Beloved, we are beholding the final Trump of God before Christ’s Coming; we are beholding the ministry of Pastor John Anosike, the third divinely positioned John.

I am the voice of him sent to proclaim the gospel of SONSHIP AND LIFE ETERNAL.

We are the generation of them that will not die but live as long as we desire by revelation and either exit the earth at will or wait till the final appearance of Jesus Christ.

“I am SENT to teach the above gospel of SONSHIP. Christ on us, the glorious life.”

Be transformed. Be revitalized.

The incorruptibles are rising…

  • No more death
  • No more disease
  • No more depression
  • No more confusion
  • No more poverty

  • The immortals
  • The remnants
  • The sons of God
  • The overcomers

The Philadelphia church

I declare supernatural transportation in the time of need.


God bless

Pst John.