No one likes you!

If you have ever thought, “No one likes me…” then you are probably right, no one likes you!

Before you head off to the dome of self pity – hang on a second and understand why no one likes you. What’s the big deal if no one likes you?It’s hard to like something you don’t know, something that seems strange and too far out of reach and comprehension than what your milieu has ever had to offer. People are no different, you like the ones you know, the ones you have tried and tested, the ones who strike a chord of familiarity or share something in common with you.

In a world of billions of people, each one with their own mind, opinions, tastes and preferences, what is the probability of finding one or two on a daily basis that are your cup of tea.

Before you throw your hands up in despair take note of the bottom line, there is none like you!

Whenever you are faced with the dilema of what seems like rejection keep this in mind:

There is no one like you! As the enemy tries to diminish the significance or your uniqueness and special qualities, be a step ahead.

The statement, “There is no one like you….” is loaded with armour and meaning for you as a queen.

On those days when you are struggling and the whole world seems to be against you, all you will see is “Noone likes you!” Of course no one likes you like you like you. As rejection knocks at your door, if you succumb and let it in, depression etnters.

We negatively respond to how the other people treat us, take to heart the words they perhaps said to us and perhaps even begin to dislike ourselves based on the opinions of others. When such thoughts and feelings rush in, remember there is none like you and there is none who likes you like you ought to like yourself. There is no other you so begin to build up yourself and be You. Build up your self esteem and be the lioness that you are made to be.

You may doubt the truth that “There is none like you…” but ponder upon this:

Take “No one like you…” and take out the word “no”. You get, “One like you…”

Now take out “one” and you have, “Like you…” It’s simple – like you!

The greatest deliverance is intellectual deliverance.

Like yourself – that’s why people misunderstand confidence as conceit. If you had met Jesus you wouldn’t have liked him much! He came across as the most arrogant man you could have ever met. In today’s world who would have called themselves the Son of God and be considered humble?

He might have been called the lamb but remember the lamb was sacrificed and the work of the lamb was accomplished on the cross. Remember He is still the Lion of Judah and He roars! Lions are proud, they are confident, they rule and reign and they never apologise for it.

We live in a world that is constantly tearing women down – you are not thin enough, you are not tall enough, you are the wrong skin tone – but then again what is the right weight, height, skin tone. Who decides and sets the standards if there is in effect none like you, and her and here and her? Who decides what the standard is if we are all uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made?

You are perfect!


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