The watchman on the wall


I am a watchman on the wall

The winds of doctrine came and found  me here

The torrents of deceit blew and left me there

On a winter’s evening a chill howled

Till a summer’s day came and left me thawed


I am a watchman on the wall

On the borderline by the Maker placed

When the enemy came it is I he faced

When the battle trump sounded and blared

It was my ear that first heard and declared


I am a watchman on the wall

When wearied travellers sought refuge and rest

Their souls I beseeched come in a father awaits

When citizens dared not venture yonder where wolves dwell

Like a shepherd to the pasture, the little lambs grew bold


I am a watchman upon the wall

The city is neither mine to own nor do as I please

In season, out of season, from difficulty emerged ease

My mandate only one and one alone

That the city of sons may for all time abide