Mid-week prayer

Arise oh God and let every sickness be scattered!

Every trouble that troubles our destiny!

Every trap of the enemy that will bring sorrow or pain we command it to scatter!

Every trouble that brings sorrow – scatter every plan of the enemy!

Scatter every attack in the month of July!”

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, for they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds !

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places!

We stand on the name that is above every other name and come against every spirit that programs evil things – there are forces of darkness behind depression and failure.

We stand against every projection against God’s children!

Every conspiracy comes to naught in Jesus’ name!

Jehovah is his name! Mighty warrior great in battle.

The Spirit of the Lord said come against every evil realm– every realm where they are plotting from an evil dimension. They know when they enter a certain dimension they might succeed – to set up accidents – to set up robberies!

Before they manifest in the physical realm, accidents death, disappointments and all evil  are first programmed in the spirit. When you put a bullet in a chamber and pull the trigger and goes in a channel towards the target. They program in the spirit for things to happen to the saints in the physical.

The saints need to program victory in the spirit via prayer for victory to manifest just like other forces do the same.

God says wage a war against the realms of darkness in heavenly places where wickedness is programmed and your families must be fished out of troubles.

If you are prayerless you are heading for destruction!

Men always ought to pray than to faint. …

Evoke the fire of God 21 times for He’s a consuming fire – he answereth by fire!

There are times for gentle prayer and there are times for aggressive prayer!

Anywhere they are manipulating activities and our destinies against us throughout July they will be consumed by the fire of God!

Every satanic arrow – every satanic utterance – every satanic program we destroy by blood Jesus!

In the name Jesus! Amen!

As we prayed this very evening, the Lord came into the house of prayer. Parcels were raining from heaven. When they came upon the people they became a new garment – some of the garments were changing colour.

Some of you received 7 to 8 some 3 4 5 and one falls it changes to another colour.

The lord says the month of July shall be the month you shall see your month so colourful.

Some of those parcels were some of the things you have been expecting – prayer requests suspended hindered by demons for a long time.

Spirit of hindrance – the Lord broke his grips!

I see the Lord doing mighty things

The lord says were going to condemn every mouth that would like to reinforce evil utterances against you and your family.

It is the responsibility of God to guarantee that no weapon formed shall prosper it is your responsibility to condemn that rises against you judgment.

The bible says so!

We are entering a realm were the devil has set his agents in place to hinder businesses etc

When a situation materializes in the body it is better that it never occurred in the first place.

There are principles that God cannot break that is why he said to Peter, “Why don’t you pray? Why don’t you watch with me for at least one hour…?”

If God himself in flesh prayed – who do you think you are not to?

Behold the train of His glory!

Prayer is a special time to commune with the father when we put all things aside and spend time with Abba .

I was caught up in the spirit the angels of the Lord took me and I was shown mysteries things that are to come.

This could be 4 to 5 times I have been caught up where in the midst of a service I have been caught up

The days are numbered !

The coming of Jesus is nearer than ever he is not coming to the world he Is coming to take his bride away.

I was shown the four corners of the world I saw angels have been dispatched already.

I saw a very deep long vacuum and the lord said this is the power with which the saints will be drawn with a magnetic force with angelic transportations. The rapture will be angelic transportation – a speed that is much more than the speed of light, the saints will be called to meet the groom and so shall the man of sin be revealed on earth, death, persecution

For the pain of the saints has reached heaven, the days are shortened the elect. Then shall the evil thrive the more. In this church he has called us as one of the last trumps – we are not the only true move but you have been strategically positioned and you must mobilize the masses take the gospel to them that believe. We are going to do all we can for the days are very short!

The Spirit told me, “Tell people what they need is not what they are asking. If I give them what they want they will lose me – I am their need. The lord said – seek after me- seek me- when you have found me – riches -will find you.”

“When you have found me – if you seek me and find me  – riches will find them. They only respect me and are drawn to me and when you find me all else will find you.”

We dedicate our lives tonight. These cars etc are not the needs, God says he is the need and he’s ready to supply all our need – Himself to us.

Father I stand before you to have mercy on us in any way we have missed our direction – we bless you as our drive and our passion. We love you. Look upon us father even as you have called me sent me into the world with this assignment. Grant their wants, grant them their cars, and grant their promotion, security and protection over their lives. No evil will come upon your people father as we put you as the center of our joy. We come against every power every mouth that has spoken against us. We locate that realm where they are controlling the destinies of believer.

God maketh his angels flames of fire

God told me last night – in a vision

Prayers empower angels to overcome.

Angelic forces are weak when the church does not pray. We the church through our prayer empower angels. Angels can be arrested by demons. Withheld for a season and when the church prayer, they are released.

The more effective we are in prayer, the more powerful and the more we empower the angels. Some of our angels are weak because we are prayer less. Angels are heavenly militants – they are warriors. When the church prays they are released into the battlefield – the lesser we are in prayer the less we win. This prayer is to fortify our angels.

Wherever they are manipulating our destiny – conspiring against us – anywhere they are let this fire consume and destroy and apprehend every agenda. We are going to the dimension where

The month of July is a prosperous month!!!