Why Cameroon lost to Germany

Africa’s hopes were pinned on Cameroon to make her sons and daughters proud on the world stage. Some prayed – perhaps even fasted that the fate of Africa’s football pride and joy can emerge victorious against Germany. The excitement and anticipation that filled every heart and every home early Sunday morning was short lived as Cameroon once again came so near yet so far from being the first African team to win the Confederations Cup. One can only wonder if there are any hopes at all to advance further come the World Cup in Russia 2018.

One therefore wonders, why Africa has produced some of the best players in the world and yet never the best team? Remember George Weah, Samuel Eto’o, Nwanko Kanu , the legends Roger Milla too many to mention – yet Africa still seems to play second fiddle at the world stage where football is concerned.

The Cameroonian football team is nicknamed – “les lions indomptable – the indomitable lion” The lions that in theory cannot be subdued and yet time and time again, the indomitable lions are dominated – annihilated, completely subdued and forced to tap out. The talent is there – raw and waiting to be harvested – processed into finished products. Africa seems to apply the same principle to all things – harvest prematurely and export raw materials and therefore there is never increase – never multiplication – never dominance and therefore Africa is always at the mercy of donors. We export our talent – we export our raw minerals – we export our intellectuals and our apostles.

“Africa is pure in the heart and yet corrupt in the mind while the west is pure in the mind and corrupt in the heart.” Pastor John Anosike.

Have you ever observed that Africans are passionate people – driven – they will tell you a story of their intentions as long as the Congo river. Could it be that our teams – like our businesses don’t succeed because we have failed to go back to the basics? To the very foundations? To that place where God’s blueprint had not being updated into the 3rd or 4th edition based on human understanding? Indomitable lions are never to be subdued yet ours hardly roar – or at least they roar in the jungles of Africa and cower when the world pays attention?

“You have be under in order to stand- that is the meaning of understanding.” Pastor John. So we have a passion to win the World Cup someday, but what are we under that we may stand as world champions? Who do we submit to – whose teachings and principles to we subscribe to in order to make Africa whether in football, business or culture great?

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