Change your name – change your destiny.

Christ had to come in  human form and he had to be the perfect substitution.

Christ came fully imbued with eternal life – God in the form of man and the mission at hand compelled him to take on mortality. His mission meant he had to subject himself to mortality.

We come with the same power – the difference is that Christ came with authority and he never forgot to exercise it. At times we do not realize the dynamo power we carry and find ourselves at the mercy of circumstances.

Joint heirs

The Bible doesn’t lie when it tells you that you are joint heirs with Christ – as named sons of God, we should therefore be reigning with Christ.


Having learnt the power and the significance of names – in order to change your destiny – you may simply need a change of name. You may be a parent and desire as all parents to do the best for your child.

I encourage you to look at the perfect example – the author of our faith and salvation – Jesus Christ.

a) God did not allow anyone to name his son. My encouragement to all fathers, never allow anyone else to name your child. You are the prophetic voice over your child. God gave his own child the name Jesus- his human nature and form. He then called him Emmanuel – God with us. When you look at it, that is the exact definition of his name – Jesus Christ, God coming to be with man.

Your name is there for spiritual identification when blessings are released and delivered by God’s messengers. In the case of Jesus’ birth, the angel located Mary and identified her by name amidst probably hundreds or thousands of Marys of the time.

Your surname is there for spiritual specification. There are people in the world that have the same name and surname so there is something more to your name than the mere utterance of your name. Your name gives you spiritual identification and specification.

When a name is called you are in the thought and intent of the Almighty – your name is a packaging, a container of your destiny and through your name you dispense your destiny. When people with the same name are called, their destiny and purpose singles them out.

Your name is not just a mere word. Think of a man like Jabez. His mother called him Jabez because she bore him in sorrows and pain. Had Jesus been born subject to any human interference, he too may have been named based on the circumstances surrounding his birth.

Imagine this, Mary was to give birth as a virgin! Anyone who has every given birth knows how difficult the process is let alone giving birth as a virgin. She was to nurture the child born out of wedlock, an outcast. She was then let him go and die for the world instead of enjoying the fruits any mother expects to enjoy from a grown son. If it had been left to her to name the child – she would have named him Jabez too.

Jabez suffered sorrow because of the name he carried. Jabez got sick of it and cried unto the Lord and the Lord changed his destiny. Jacob cried out to God because his name too, spoke burdens that came with his deceitful nature. A stronghold had been established by the pronouncement of his name.

Jacob was not asking for God to change his name but for a change of destiny. This world is more spiritual than it is physical

Coming back again to power of names and the name that is above every name. Jesus demonstrated it is not about your circumstances but what you are called and call yourself.

Philippians 2:9-11 “At the name of Jesus…”Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place, and gave Him the name above all names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.…”

Remember diseases are names – poverty is a name – barrenness is a name – failure is a name – depression is a name but there is that name that is above every name and at the mention of the name of Jesus they all bow!

Take charge! Take control! At the end your purpose shall manifest!

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