Got a word from God couple of minutes ago. Never should the body of Christ think low of the ability God has deposited within His Church by Jesus Christ…

Do not think negative of this. You ain’t seen nothing yet. The WORLD is heading for some REALLY hard times.

How READY is the CHURCH?

If you are not potentially supernatural in your thinking & approach to all things, your days are circumstantially numbered..

We are in the era of power, miracles, glory, the brightness of His light, the supernatural, and the unprecedented miraculous happenings.

The Lord says “This is the ERA of the church.” My church is supernaturally superior to all things that He had made and the church is strategically positioned to shine brighter in the midst of the gross darkness that has fallen upon the world.

Thank God for theological correctness, thank God for charismatic movements, thank God for prophetic showcase; BUT what is coming is BEYOND WHAT HAS BEEN…….It will offend theological correctness, it will silence charismatic revival, and will expose the prophetic deceits across the nations of the world…The church is currently being judged, refined, and will be revealed

Jesus will provide answers to the world’s problems through the church…..

I believe in the supernatural…..


Will update the next WORD…