The mystery behind names

What it’s in a name you may ask?
There is the old saying from one of William Shakespeare’s most famous writings, Romeo and Juliet. A rose by any other name is still a rose…
If truth be told…a rose by any other name is simply confusing – unless you’re German, or French, or Xhosa

“A goat in Nigeria will never turn into a cow in America.” Pastor John Anosike

Is a name simply an identifier?
To distinguish us the throngs strewn across the earth?

There is more to a name whether it be the name of a person, an object (animate or inanimate)  diseases are names. To give something or someone a name is to set a destiny in motion for names are prophetic statements.
Take iconic figures we know: Nelson-mandela-boxing-1222
Exhibit 1: “Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Dalibhunga”
Nelson – “champion or son of a champion”
Rolihlahla – “troublemaker”
Madiba – “Boxer”
Dalibhunga –“ convenor of dialogue – creator or founder of the council “

If 27 years in prison is not evidence of trouble making for the right reasons, then Nelson Mandela is Ghandi!

Exhibit 2: Jacob Gedleyihlekisa ZumaJacob Zuma Laughing
Jacob – deceiver or supplanter (another word for displace)
Gedleyihlekisa – a name whose colloquial meaning is “scornful laughter”

Is it any wonder things are magically disappearing into thin air and can you blame the man for making a joke out of everything.

Exhibit 3: Gupta

Gupta Family
Brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta living up to their family name

Gupta – military ‘governor’

Family names also hold significance on who we become.
Could it be reason they like the Waterkloof airbase so much?



And finally, he may not be a politician but his name rings true:

Founder and Senior pastor of Spirit Revelation International – Pastor John Anosike

John – the sent of God
Ikechukwu – power of God
Anosike – to be strong

The man a mission to tell the world to change everybody’s name, into immortality.

If that was a little vague and you would like to find out more how this man – is determined to defy governments, powers and principalities to change names and lives – visit our website: