Prophetic moment with Pastor Ola

Friday 16 June 2017 – Cape Town

Senior Pastor and co-founder of Spirit Revelation church, Pastor Ola Anosike gave the following prophecy on Friday the 16th of June.

“As I prayed I heard the word, “Dene, Dene,  Dene”

“As I began to ask the Spirit of God what it meant, I saw the Danish Flag and then the names of the countries of , Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden. The Spirit of God revealed unto me that 3 people will receive international contracts out of these countries and he’s opening doors.”

“I heard the angel of the Lord say, “Mene mene tekel upharsin “ and the Spirit went on to explain that the files of the people are being opened before the people.”

“Your files are being opened before the  right people, governments, council and for favour.

There was a fierce eagle, it was calm, blessed in the royal colors.

You shall like the eagle fly above every circumstances and conquer.

The eyesight of an eagle is being given in the marketplace.

You shall be able to see little things and grow them into empires.

You will make them flourish and turn them into magnificent businesses.

There was a river overflowing into the coming week.”

“There was calendar for next week and the blessing from the week will overflow into the coming week. Many shall testify of supernatural provision in this coming week (19 – 25 June 2017).”

Upon investigation, the word dene means, “a vale, especially the deep, narrow wooded valley of a small river.” The French meaning of dene is “people”, meanings that bring eveidence to the truth and significance of the prophecy. We invite you to make take this prophecy to heart and make it personal and see what God will do for you this coming week.