HIV can be cured!

Long street was her favourite hang-out spot and life was one big party until Sibongile began to sense the emptiness that came with it all.

Sibongile and her cousins were like any other fun loving young revelers in the mother city. What made her stand out from the crown in the silence was a peculiarity that was imprinted in her DNA. A peculiarity that almost destined her to die  young, to live a precarious life and never amount to much. To date, Sibongile and her family have lost 15 family members to HIV, 10 of them between January and June 2017.

The turning point in Sibongile’s life came when a friend invited her to read a copy of the daily devotional authored by senior pastors of Spirit Revelation Internation, Pastors John and Ola Anosike. The friend took a step further by inviting Sibongile to visit the church on a a Sunday.

On the night of June 16, Sibongile met with her miracle and became the point of contact for her family to be delivered from the spirit of death. Sibongile’s transformation was not only instantaneous but took the form of a 2 year journey or sitting under the teachings of Pastor John Anosike. Gradually her mind was renewed from a worldly way of thinking that led her to live recklessly into a new creation who holds her head high and live a holy life.

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