A new womb recreated


Is it at all possible that what science has failed to do in years of research can be done in an instant. For hundreds of years, scientists have conducted research in order to create human life or at the very least aid in creating human life.

While science has made headway in attempting to prolong life and perhaps giving families the hope of bearing children again the odds, up to date, no success has been recorded in recreating the natural womb.

Scientists have only manage to create an “artificial womb” in the hopes of someday using the device to save babies born extremely prematurely.So far the device has only been tested on fetal lambs involving eight animals found the device appears effective at enabling very premature fetuses to develop normally for about a month.

(Insert video of woman whose womb was regenerated)

“We’ve been extremely successful in replacing the conditions in the womb in our lamb model,” says Alan Flake, a fetal surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who led the study published in the journal Nature Communications. This may be rated as success but true success is when a woman’s womb is recreated in an instant!

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