Tsunami warning – Western Cape


Cape Town – June 16 2017

Cape town was hit by it’s worst winter storm in over 30 years leaving 8 dead and tens of thousands homeless.

While the rains came as a welcome relief to the drought stricken Western Cape, the raging storm and fires which followed left scores of families with no shelter in freezing conditions.

The fires were exacerbated by the wind and left city personnel unable to manage the crisis which analyst cited as being ill prepared and poor crisis management.

Though this came as a surprise to many, founder and Senior Pastor of Spirit Revelation Church, Pastor John Anosike had prophesied in February of 2017 that a storm would rise from the sea and cause a great deal of damage within the Western Cape.

He warned that the government needed to put measures in place to prepare for the great destruction to come which would affect especially those living in informal settlements. While some skeptics doubted the authenticity of the prophecy at the time, many have been left without a doubt as the events predicted came to pass.

On the night of the 9th of June, the man of God has prophesied that a greater tsunami like storm is coming and the city must join hands in praying to avoid further loss. To join Pastor John Anosike in prayer please email info@newworldfaithministries.org or call +27 21 510 4029