Demonology unraveled

According to some societies, all the affairs of life are supposed to be under the control of spirits, each ruling a certain “element” or even object, and themselves in subjection to a greater spirit. Does the term “marine spirit” ring a bell? Demonic spirits are not only peculiar to poverty stricken Africa and South America but the world over.

The Inuit (are a group of culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska) are said to believe in spirits of the sea, earth and sky, the winds, the clouds and everything in nature. Every cove of the seashore, every point, every island and prominent rock has its guardian spirit. All are potentially of the malignant type, to be propitiated by an appeal to knowledge of the supernatural. Traditional Korean belief posits countless demons inhabit the natural world; they fill household objects and are present in all locations. By the thousands they accompany travelers, seeking them out from their places in the elements.


In ancient Babylon, demonology had an influence on even the most mundane elements of life, from petty annoyances to the emotions of love and hatred. The numerous demonic spirits were given charge over various parts of the human body, one for the head, one for the neck, and so on.

Greek philosophers such as Porphyry, who claimed influence from Platonism, and the fathers of the Christian Church, held that the world was pervaded with spirits, the latter of whom advanced the belief that demons received the worship directed at pagan gods.

Many religions and cultures believe, or once believed, that what is now known as soothsaying, was, or is, a form of physical contact with demons. To give a more in-depth revelation into the spirit world with specific focus on demonic spirits, Pastor John Anosike will be conducting a series of teachings on the subject of Demonology. He will be offering attendants the privilege to understand how demonic spirits work and how to overcome their manipulation of domains in your life or sphere.