It was a life-enlightening service today with Pastor John Anosike!

Revelation on the intent and purpose of names was dished out hot! We were almost off our seats soaking in the Word.

The mystery behind the purpose of “our names” was unveiled. What is your name??? Could it just be the root of your challenges?? What  people call you every day is what they declaring in your life?? Is it in line with your destiny????

Your name & surname is what you have been called since childhood, these are the Words of declaration people have called you over the years of your existence.

This means a fortress of words, circumstances & destiny has been built for or against your life depending on the meaning of your name. The importance of names & name -Changing” cannot be over-emphasized.

Pastor John, by the power of God will be breaking every stronghold upheld by the ‘declaration of your names & wrapping up the revelation of ‘name-calling’ this coming Sunday service.


Don’t come alone!! Every service is a setup of your divine visitation. Be there!!