Early morning wisdom-line…

Revelation without wisdom is foolishness waiting to prevail….

Everyone is potentially rich, however, unconverted potential equals to frustration….

Potentials such as talents, gifts, dreams , and ideas are vital fundamentals to success but the wisdom to convert them to day to day relevance is wealth……..

Inventor’s success is with the utilizers. The average has consumers mentality…………..

Innovation, invention and of course creativity is the ability to exclusively visit the invisible realms mentally, tasking your mind to envision and comprehend that which has never existed into experimental reality……..

You are not always what you say you are, you are what you stand for….

God holds us accountable, therefore we must be responsible…

God is our source, therefore we must dream bigger than our human capacity

A short prayer for your day

In Jesus name! Your day is richly blessed and prosperous. That which you shall lay your hand on today will prosper. I declare no evil will befall you and your family. Arise and dispense wisdom in your day and command profit…

Remain incorruptible. No more death…

God bless you

Say Amen and share

Pst John