Did you know that the function of an Apostolic house is to address Prince’s and their purpose is to birth gifts, well if you where not there  you need get yourself a copy.

As our father Pst John Anosike,  introduced Bishop Brady from the Potter’s House Dallas Texas the atmosphere was charged. 

We were all floored by his command, it’s our role and responibilty to know and understand also to implement the mission statement of the vision in the House we serve.

“When God gives you a purpose you don’t steal the glory.”

Bishop Brady

God gives the one he sent to you the VISION so that you can serve under.

“To sit under greatness is to enable us to manage out purpose.”

Bishop Brady

 Apostle Bryan Meadows continued in the same spiritual vein and addressed the Apostilic gifts. God is now looking for the radical and weired as instruments. Again we say, get yourself a copy. He expounded on the 5 functions of the Apostolic mission and the dynamics of 8 Open Heaven.

“Pride is one of the things which closes the heavens.”

Apostle Bryan Meadows 

 In the same spirit Pastor Brandon Spiker went straight to the hearts of the people.

“Do you know what you are going after?”

Pst Brandon Spiker

He gave us the 5 disciplines to enable us to follow instructions as he illustrated Ruth’s relationship with Naomi.

As Pst John blessed the sons, in a moment the Spirit of the Lord moved radically, lives were transformed and bonds broken as Pst Brandon Spiker lead of the Spirit prophesied deliverance. Our father Pst John then declared

“We don’t beleive mortality but Immorality, death is our enemy.”

Pst John

For more information contact the church office to get the DVD or CD it’s a must have.

This Sunday invite someone to this Anointing Service that will seal the month of March with gladness Pst John & Ola invites all to this life transforming service.

See you there @ 9am