​What a night……
I am still yet to recover. As I am typing now, the fire of God is burning intensely  on my hands. 
I declare healing to your body and health to your bone 

No weapon formed against you shall prosper 

Every conspiracy on motion to terminate your character is cancelled 

Every set up against you is exposed 

I command your enemies to fall for your sake 

The end of your pain is now 

Arise and shine, it’s a new season 

Any satanic alter that your name is mentioned for occult or witchcraft projection, the fire of God will appear and destroy the alter.

Anyone wishing you death harvests his wishes(whatsoever a man sows he shall reap)

Any human devil hiding as a friend but behind is working for your downfall is brought to light and sudden judgement

There is no devil anywhere capable of stopping your God-given destiny. Now, get up on your feet, be strong, be firm, stand, walk, run, and fly. 

Money will locate you. Jobs will come knocking at your door. Opportunities are before you. Rejoice for your joy has come. 
In Jesus name, say AMEN OR I receive…SHARE
God bless you 

Pst John