What a night….

Highlights of the vigil

1. Beware of satanic lies

2. Secure your Garden of Eden in obedience

3. The kingdom of heaven Is pressurized, only the violent in faith will take it by force

4. Satan is not a factor but make sure you don’t eat the fruit of his lips

5. Flee sexual immorality

6. Satan was disarmed of his legal claims, powers and abilities on the cross by Jesus, but, he was left with his original deceptive nature -(subtlety, cruelty, and lies), don’t let him influence your actions to get you out of God’s beautiful garden of covering.

In the service;

Many were saved, and confessed the Lordship of Jesus. Chronicles of miracles overtook the atmosphere. Praise God!!

Join us for anointing service, I will be anointing everyone in tomorrow’s Sunday service.

Venue: 416 Voortrekker Road, close to shoprite/KFC Maitland, Cape Town

Time: 9am-12noon

God bless