Magnificently glorious would be too small a word to describe or quantify the atmosphere released in the service today! It was a direct downpour and offload of the timely Word of God to His people…

The Call to remind His people of ‘His Coming’…I was compelled to speak the Mind of God in this season to God’s Own. It was a ministration practically relevant to the entire ‘Body of Christ’. We were inspired to stand strong in God’s Will for our lives in every area, even in this world and its strange politics for “the Kingdom of God suffereth violence…”.

The Power of God moved through the midst of the people to bless and set the captives free.

This message was a full and direct heavenly download that you can’t afford not to have.

 I was restrained by the Holy Ghost to preach what I had prepared but was instructed to stand on the altar and speak as a free-flowing vessel as The Lord would speak expressly through me. It was amazing. Never have the people’s hearts been so stirred…. it was as the two disciples whom Christ spoke to directly on their way to Emmaus said “did our hearts not burn like fire when He spake…”

Time stopped for 3hours as we were awed in the Presence of God. Kairos took over…

This DVD is a must-have!!!

Your week is blessed.

Pst John