The prophetic future of the church under the leadership of Joshua!!!

Moses had lost his willingness to change. It was a sad day, for that meant he was disqualified to lead the young Israelites (next generation of believers) into Canaan. But the nation of Israel needed a leader who could obey orders. At the red sea, Moses held out his rod and the wind blew back the water. But soon enough, in just a few months, this new generation will be approaching another watery barrier. The Jordan will be at flood stage. And instead of placing a man at the edge of the water, God had a deeper intention for this emerging nation. God wanted them to exhibit faith (corporate, unified faith). They were to march into the water as it swirled around their feet. Only then would the water recede—not at the voice of a leader, but at the faith of men of God marching forward in the ‘unity of the faith’ into a new world. At the end of the fivefold ministry (Moses) will emerge the Joshua generation!

A sharp sword has been sent already piercing through the body of Christ dividing it from the snare of deception of “the One man show”. The unification of ‘the body’ is the emergence of the Sons of God, visibly independent yet spiritually united, empowered by her unity as a dynamite force on earth -irresistible ,overtaking and invading the gates of hell with the manifest Christ.

What worked yesterday is not sufficient for today. God’s word yesterday must be adjusted by God’s word today.

God bless you

Pst John