These are the excerpts from the study in Chapter 5 of the Revelation of John.

There are two points to look at when we begin to study this chapter.

  • What it took to unveil the scroll and to open the seven seven seals.
  • The final reading of what is written in the scroll.

Pastor John mentioned that these two have a significant meaning in each word, phrase and iillustration given in this book. A profround continuation on our expression of worship was illustrated as Pastor John gave us two biblical principals of a perfect worship that was displayed by the ones who worshiped the one sitting on the throne.

A revealing of 3 possible inhabitation of man and where man could possibly be placed.

How the Lion of Juda “PREVAILED “to be qualified to open the scroll.

God trapped Sin in his flesh, nailed it on the cross. This was the Prevailing conquest of Christ that qualified him to open the scroll.

Pst John Anosike

God Bless you

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