Proverbs 11:2 ESV

 “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”


Pride is stronger than Satan himself, louder than words.

Pride,the virus that feeds on “SELF”

Pride makes an individual stand taller than humility but fall cheaply. Pride, the virus that has destroyed the mighty over the years. Where  pride is, God is absent. Pride blinds many from seeing the impending dangers of doom or destruction. Pride successfully destroyed Goliath. With pride there is no future. Pride makes a noise while humility makes news. Pride says “I can do all things” while humility says “by the grace of God I can do all things!” Pride does not accept correction while humility welcomes corrections… Pride can reduce an individual to nothing -I mean :from HERO TO ZERO! Pride learns little and feels he has arrived. Pride puts up a false confidence and yet full of insecurities. Pride knows the right words but rootless. Pride thinks he knows as much as his master. Pride takes the position of head while under headship. Pride reflects King Saul, who had excuses for his failure to follow order. Pride is narrow minded. Pride makes a student challenge his teacher because he read a little farther, forgetting the teacher has a knowing of the ‘workings’ of that knowledge greater than the mere knowledge itself & only allowing the student little bits of it at a time to progress at his pace.

Pride brings a fall that God Himself initiates


If money is your sense of dignity and self worth you are a beautiful residing home of pride


  • Be humble
  • Seek counsel
  • Pray
  • Submit to correction
  • Stand out in Christ


God bless

Pst John