The Purposes of God in your Life

These are the experts of today’s Sunday Service:

  • God Thinks
  •  God knows the thoughts he has for you .
  • The word of God are the written thoughts of God
  • There is no future without thinking, so if God didn’t think there would have been no future for you.

 God is thinking the thoughts he had for you, but as he had those thoughts towards you he was writing those thoughts. Pastor John then said in quote:

” there is a place called predestination”

that is where Gods thoughts are. Now what he thinks towards us, are good thoughts not evil. His thoughts are locked up in the storage of the heavens and have been written. What he thinks has been brought to the  knowledge of his will which is the Word of God. All we need to do is to get to know the Word of God. Human views, perception can be distorted and corrupted but God said I’ve reserved the knowledge of your strength, potentials, family, career, dream , Vision…draw your perception by the renewing of the mind from the incorruptible Word of God.

Be Blessed…

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