Fresh Wisdom Keys

Perfect evening sons of God.

Allow me share with you these fresh wisdom keys.


1. Tenacity till success is tangible.


2. Develop accountability and mastery of self-discipline, managing one’s  time and mental activity


3. Criticism as a yardstick of measure determining how far your success has reached and of course, humility to learn from it and effect changes in areas necessary.


4. Don’t crave becoming a star. Stars need gross darkness to stand out. Be a light. Light has zero tolerance to darkness.


5. Don’t hate people who desire your down fall, they are your secret admirers in disguise who wish they have what you have.


6. You don’t wait for success, it is what you make happen.


7. Relevant knowledge in the area of prospective endeavors empowers efficient wisdom application to achieve desired success.


8. Miracles don’t guarantee sustainable growth in any works of life. Miracles only provide favorable platforms subject to your preparedness to engage hard work, wisdom and knowledge for sustainability and advancement.


9. “New Years” don’t make anything new, determination creates new things.


10. The Holy Spirit is practical, realistic and forever ready to assist anyone that calms his/her mind to listen to His voice.


Wisdom keys original

God bless

Pst John